Securities Law & Compliances

The firm provides advisory and compliance services in relation to the following:

  1. Compliances related to rights Issue, bonus issue, preferential issue, QIPs, ESOPs by listed companies.
  2. Buy back of securities.
  3. Compliances under the SEBI ICDR.
  4. IPO, FPO, etc Listing and Delisting of Equity and Debt Securities..
  5. Advising on various securities law like SEBI Act, SCRA, Take Over Regulations, Insider Trading Regulations etc.
  6. Liaison with the Registrar and Share Transfer Agents, Stock Exchanges, Depositories, SEBI, etc.
  7. Important Compliances under the Stock exchange’s Listing Agreement.
  8. Strengthening Corporate Governance System of companies.
  9. Providing Time based / Event based / Month wise compliance checklist & Certification.
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