Corporate Compliance Management, Audits & Certification

The firm provides legal compliance and certification related services for the following:

  1. Compliance & secretarial audits for companies.
  2. Issue of compliance certificates under Companies Act.
  3. Quarterly secretarial audits and certification for capital reconciliation.
  4. Assisting companies in building up of legal compliance reporting systems, Legal MIS, Legal internal control reporting systems etc.
  5. Secretarial Standards compliances.
  6. Conducting internal legal audit.
  7. Providing compliance manual under various laws to companies for effective governance.
  8. Certifying compliance of legal regulations as required under various laws.
  9. Share Transfer Audit and appraisal of share transfer work.
  10. Certification of securities transfer in compliance with the listing agreement with stock exchanges.
  11. Certification of various documents / returns / e-forms to be filed with the RoC.
  12. Due Diligence and certification for banks and financial institutions under the RBI guidelines on consortium / multiple banking financing arrangement taken by companies.
  13. Verification of Documents relating to charges & compliance with legal provisions.
  14. Online Inspection of Documents.
  15. Reporting to RBI under FEMA on issue / allotment / transfer of shares to a non resident / inward remittances viz. Form FIRC, FCGPR, CS Certification, FCTRS etc).
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