Company Law Advisory & Secretarial Compliances related services

The firm provides legal advisory and company secretarial services pertaining to the following

  1. Formation of companies.
  2. Conversion of Private Company into Public Company & vice versa.
  3. Change of name of a company.
  4. Change of objects of company.
  5. Shifting of registered office of company.
  6. Increase, consolidation, subdivision & reduction of Share Capital.
  7. Alteration of charter documents. 
  8. Issue and allotment of shares and securities.
  9. Rights Issue.
  10. Issue of Bonus Shares.
  11. Preferential issue / private placement.
  12. Issue of ESOPS.
  13. Issue of Sweat Equity Shares, and shares with differential rights as to voting, dividend etc.
  14. Transfer & Transmission of Shares.
  15. Appointment of Directors, Managing / Whole time, Additional Directors, casual vacancies, nominee director, alternate director etc.
  16. Appointment of persons holding an office or place of profit.
  17. Remuneration of Managing / Whole time director, non executive directors.
  18. Holding Board, General / Annual General, Class Meetings, Audit Committee Meetings etc.
  19. Conduct of Poll & submitting Poll Report.
  20. Passing resolutions by postal ballot & providing scrutineers report.
  21. Drafting resolutions & minutes.
  22. Payment of Dividend & Interim dividend & related compliances.
  23. Preparation of Report on Corporate Governance.
  24. Drafting Director’s Report & Annual Return.
  25. Providing Compliance Certificate.
  26. Drafting statutory reports, notices, agendas, proxy etc documents .
  27. Maintenance of Statutory Registers and other support services.
  28. Inter-corporate loans, investments, guarantees & security.
  29. Appointment of Sole Selling agents.
  30. Registration of Charges.
  31. Inspection, modification & satisfaction of Charges.
  32. Condonation of delay in filing documents.
  33. Winding up / Striking off of Companies & related compliances.
  34. Compounding of Offences.
  35. E-Governance services like Filing of e-forms, obtaining DIN, CIN, DPIN etc, obtaining and renewal of Digital Signatures, precertification of e-forms, Role Check, Online Payment of stamp duty, Online inspection of documents, Annual e-filing, Correction of Master data, etc.
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